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System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • Hard Drive: 314 MB
Help Joe discover the truth behind humankind's extinction! Can a simple janitor and literally, "the average Joe," save humankind? The Silent Age – Mac Game Free Download.
Lose yourself in The Silent Age, the thrilling point­and­click adventure!

A dying man from the future has entrusted Joe with a quest to discover the truth behind humankind's extinction. Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 to the apocalyptic future of 2012. Explore unique locations and use your portable time travel device to solve puzzles that will bring you one step closer to reaching an answer to save humanity.

Can a simple janitor and literally, "the average Joe," save humankind?

Little more information about final version of The Silent Age Mac Game:

You are being a janitor in The Silent Age Mac Game. And it gives you one major advantage! Usual people are ignoring janitors and such stuff! So for them you are almost invisible, no matter are you in present time or in the future. Only at the secured facilities your disguise will not work.

Anyway, being a janitor is not the worst thing you did in your life. Your character always tried to reach social bottom. In the year 1965 he was painting the ships. In the year 1968 he was trying to change his life and went to army. But already in 1969 Joe abandoned army and was working like a walking advertisement. In 1971 our hero finally become a janitor. And now he’s about to change this status to “savior of the mankind”! So download The Silent Age Mac Full Game for free and help Joe out in this uneasy task!
  • 10 chapters with unique locations
  • Winner of the 2013 Casual Connect Indie Prize
  • Seamless interface and stylish artwork
  • Meet complex characters
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