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System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive: 82 MB
An enemy is at our gates! Build an ideal chain of traps. Use magic and the power of the elements: earth, ice, fire and shadow! Gnumz: Masters of Defense – Mac Game Free Download.
Build the ideal chain of traps using magic and the powers of the elements in Gnumz: Masters of Defense! An unknown mineral has been found in the depths of the dwarfish caverns, more valuable than gold and harder than steel. This find quickly turned sour as The Wicked King laid siege to the underground cities ordering their inhabitants to give up their entire supply of the wonderful ore.

Battle in the depths of the Iron Mountain, in the cold of the Icy Halls, in the hellish fire of the Crucible and among the secrets of the Shadow Frontier. Defeat the army of The Wicked King!

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Richness always attracts evildoers and inGnumz: Masters of Defense Mac Game you will prove this idiom. While dwarves were poor and had only usual gold, they weren’t interesting for anyone. But when they found new ore, incredible mineral, equal to the legendary Mithril, evildoers formed an army, led by the Witched King, to conquer them! Now you must become the Master of Defense, protecting gnumz from the Iron Mountain to the Shadow Frontier from the attackers. Place traps on the way of the attackers and strengthen it with the dwarven mages and best shooters. Enemies will not pass if you will be on guard! Surrounding is also can be used by the Masters of Defense against the Wicked King’s minions, so tactics in the Icy Halls and near fires of the Crucible will be significally different. Download Gnumz: Masters of Defense, stop enemy forces with your own force and protect your underground kingdom and its new treasure in this great Tower Defense game!

Gnumz: Masters of Defense is emotional Mac game with plenty of sophisticated impediments, objects and even more convoluted objectives. Masters of Defense Arcade & Action scenes are bright, and you will be rewarded for completing great Arcade & Action locations without using a single hint. Gnumz unique Mac game developed by one of the best creators studio in the world. From premium gripping portraiture to entrancing note and unbelievable story everyting in amazing Gnumz: Masters of Defense Mac game will draw players who loves extraordinary Tower Defense casual games.
  • Crush the invaders with the power of the elements
  • A new fantasy world with dozens of underground cities
  • Destroy hundreds of enemy invaders
  • Play with tactics or with brute force
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