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  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 74 MB
Princess Seeta was kidnapped by rakshasas, serving to the Demon King Raavan, so her husband Prince Ram, avatar of Hindu God Vishnu, will have to save her! Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta - Free PC Game Download.
Help Prince Ram, avatar of Hindu God Vishnu, to save his wife! Princess Seeta is in the claws of the Demon King Raavan in Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta Final Game for PC!

Detailed description of Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta PC Game:

Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta PC Game is based onto the Ramayana, most famous story in India. Princess Seeta was abducted from her beloved by the Demon King Raavan from Lanka (current day Sri Lanka). Prince Ram is trying to get her back. On his way after kidnapper Prince Ram will have to play Solitaire games in Forests of Dandakaranya, Panchavati Forest, Waters of SindhuSagar, swamps, mountains, underground tunnels and many more incredible locations! Make combos while defeating monsters and breaking your way after the abducted Princess Seeta. It will help you get extra points and special bonuses! Use help of your loyal Laksman (or Lakshmana), Ram’s constant companion. Attack monsters with supernatural weapons from Vishwamitra. Destroy all the demons, geniuses and Rakshasas who will try to stand in your way! Battles of Ram’s party against monsters are made in form of mini-games that adding pleasant variability to the solid Solitaire gameplay. Seeta’s father Janaka, the king of Mithila will also provide Ram with valuable help in his quest, but demons couldn’t be defeated easily! Lakshmana will have to cut off nose and ears of rakshasa Surpanakha to stop her. Rakshasa Maricha, which kidnapped Seeta, will also have to be destroyed on their way to victory. No matter what form she will use (if you don’t remember it, she kidnapped Princess Seeta by taking shape of golden deer). And if demons are about to overwhelm your position, use the Lakshmana rekha, chalk outline, for protection. Defeat King Raavan and save Seeta before it’s too late!

Download full version of Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta PC Game for free! Help Ram to reunite with his beloved and return back to India in one peace!
  • Journey through incredible locations
  • Play mini games to battle with monsters
  • Story based on the ancient Indian epic of Ramayana
  • Make combos to reach the dungeons of Lanka
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