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Evil soul kidnapped Manuel’s bride Maria during the Day of the Dead and took her to the land of the dead, can Manuel save his beloved one from there? Free Download Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead Mac Game!
Start your way from Tibrus and cross whole Ancient Roman Empire during one hundred Mahjong levels, guided by a famous Roman Centurion! Free Download 7 Hills of Rome Mahjong PC Game!
Balance of nature rudely broken and you must restore it by matching Zen stones and collecting powerful gems! Free Download Lost Amulets: Stone Garden PC Game!
Build and run restaurants in 48 states of America, playing Solitaire, getting chef huts and serving customers by making great burgers for them! Free Download Chef Solitaire: USA PC Game!
Solitaire Beach Season is a new card game set in exotic seaside locations. 120 summertime levels await you! Free Download Solitaire Beach Season PC Game!
One hundred rooms of the comfortable hotel are ready to open for you and let you to play fifteen different card games inside! Free Download Hotel Solitaire PC Game!
Raise the Jolly Roger and complete 120 levels of Solitaire to get tons of trophies and find the treasure, left by pirate captains of the past! Free Download Pirate's Solitaire 3 PC Game!
Experience far eastern Mahjong fun and help the temple principal's daughter in a colorful adventure to retrieve her runaway rabbit. Free Download 2D Mahjong Temple PC Game!
Bank was robbed but True Detective is on duty! Free Download True Detective Solitaire 2 PC Game!
Help Elof lead his people to a land promised by the God Feyr! Free Download Nordic Storm Solitaire PC Game!
Steve is working at the local super market and he’s close to nervous breakdown! Can you help him to hold up until weekend? Free Download FreudBot Mac Game!
Camelot is in urgent need of your assistance! Harness the power of nature and rebuild the kingdom. Do you have what it takes to save Avalon? Free Download Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 PC Game!
How do you solve a true detective's case? It's elementary! Free Download True Detective Solitaire PC Game!
Evil wizard almost destroyed the kingdom of men with his spell, and now Arianna is the only one who can rebuild it with her magic deck! Free Download The Far Kingdoms 4: Age of Solitaire PC Game!
What has the Easter Bunny brought? Golden cards! Collect them all and complete 120 unique levels in the new Easter Solitaire! Free Download Holiday Solitaire Easter PC Game!
A game and a brain teaser in one! The new Easter Riddles is a great way to spend an evening improving your mind! Free Download Easter Riddles PC Game!

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