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Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector’s Edition - Mac

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  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 619 MB
You stop a crazy fan, but when he dies, who’s responsible? Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector’s Edition – Mac Game Free Download.
From Eipix Entertainment, the studio that brought you Dead Reckoning and Final Cut, invites you to step into the spotlight of the latest Danse Macabre!

Ruth Fisher is the up-and-coming star of a popular figure skating show, but her final dress rehearsal is cancelled after her biggest fan drops dead. He was trying to warn Ruth, but about what? Who would want to kill a fan? Is Ruth really in danger? You’ll need to use all of your deductive skills to investigate the scenes and uncover the true threat, before Ruth Fisher’s opening night becomes her final performance in this chilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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In Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector's Edition Mac Game you will once again take a role of private detective Madame White, like in previous episode of the series - Danse Macabre 3: Deadly Deception Collector's Edition Mac Game. In the day Ruth’s biggest fan death you were invited to the ice rink by Christopher Chardy to take care exactly of this particular fan, Donald Perry! He was stalking Ruth Fisher for some time already and her choreographer Christopher Chardy was worrying that Donald Perry is the one who sent letters with threats to Ruth. That’s why he hired you – to get rid of Donald Perry and protect Ruth from danger. But when you arrived to the ice ring in final version of Danse Macabre Episode IV Collector's Edition Donald Perry was dying. Donald managed to warn you about danger for Ruth before he made a last breath. And now you have one dead body and one huge problem. Who killed Donald Perry? Was it Ruth herself or her choreographer Christopher Chardy of Ice Dancing Society tried to protect her? Or maybe murderer in full Thin Ice CE game is someone else and Ruth is in grave danger now? Download Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector's Edition Mac Game for free, gather evidence, solve this murder case and make sure that criminal will be punished!

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Fanciers of Puzzle genre will like this stunningly facetious Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector's Edition Mac game. Danse Macabre Thin Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle scenes are colorific, and you will be rewarded for completing prodigious Hidden Object, Adventure game levels without using a single hint. This flamboyant graphics of Danse Ice Collector's Edition will touch hearts of enthusiasts of fantastic Adventure Hidden Object genre. Incredibly hard missions with shiny and intriguing portraiture in Danse Macabre 4: Thin Ice Collector's Edition mean that young ones as well as adults will enjoy playing this noble family Adventure Hidden Object Mac game.

Here you will find next extras, absent in Standard Version of Danse Macabre Thin Ice for Mac:
  • Explore a winter wonderland of figure skating and murder!
  • Find lots of hidden collectibles and earn achievements.
  • Experience the Art Gallery, Soundtrack, and Endless Match-3.
  • Solve a kidnapping in the exciting bonus chapter!
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