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  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1199 MB
Toxic flowers have been claiming victims and withering plant life in the Netherlands. Can you cultivate the answers to this mystery? European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death – Mac Game Free Download.
From Blam! Games, makers of the Punished Talents and Fierce Tales series, comes an all-new European Mystery to solve!

A strain of toxic flowers has surfaced in the Netherlands, attacking locals and pulling them into lifeless comas. After being summoned to investigate this strange situation, you quickly realize that the plants aren't the only sinister thing happening in the city. Some of the city's most prominent citizens have been involved in shady dealings... and they might just be the cause of the horticultural horrors. Can you find the root of the mystery and stop the fatal flowers before falling victim to them yourself? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Additional information about European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death Mac Game:

After you ended complicated case in European Mystery 2: The Face of Envy Collector's Edition you may think that nothing could impress you since that. Download European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death Mac Final Game and make sure how wrong you were! It’s year 1788 and you will have to show the world new ways of investigating crimes. First victim of the toxic flowers was a local collector, citizen of Netherlands Jonathan van Persi. Looks like these flowers just sucked life from him, spreading around toxic pollen. Police organized curfew trying to prevent further murders but their attempts had no effect. Maybe local herbalist could help you to get rid of this nasty flora?

Uncover more about these flowers in European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death Collector’s Edition Mac Game - it has more information included!

With the final version of European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death Mac Game you will be able to experience renaissance in Netherlands. Solve very strange crimes while doing so!

Hidden Object genre Mac games, such as European Mystery 3 are the most incomparable computer games. They have a great deal of of lovers all over the universe and collected lots of rewards. Any followers of Mac games of this lively Hidden Object genre will love European Mystery Episode Three3: Flowers of Death. Start to download this topnotch Hidden Object Mac game Flowers of Death for free! You will be pleased by it. Enjoy by playing fancy European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death Mac game!
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