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  • OS: 10.8/10.9/10.10
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1315 MB
Uncover the truth behind the legendary fire that destroyed a university. Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Collector’s Edition – Mac Game Free Download.
Elephant Games, the studio that brought you Grim Tales and Surface, bursts into flames with the next explosive chapter of Haunted Hotel!

Wildfires are breaking out all over Northern Oregon, with witnesses claiming that the fires were caused by the legendary Oregon Phoenix. Is a mythical creature truly to blame, or is it just a cover for a clever arsonist? Travel to the scenic mountains of the Pacific Northwest and dig through the ruins of a burned university to gather clues about the fire that started them all. Will you uncover the truth, or will you become the Phoenix's final victim?

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Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Collector's Edition Mac Game continues story of Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity Collector’s Edition Mac Game. This time at the beginning just like in the story about Professor Reynolds you aren’t going to see any hotels. You were sent to the Northern Oregon to explore burned ruins of the Stone Spires University to find out the truth about what happened there back then. Many mysteries expects for you on your way to the truth but you will find out for sure that Oregon Phoenix exists and this fire creature is responsible for destroying of the Stone Spires. But when you will start to restore events that happened at other fires of the Pacific Northwest, you will find out that not only Oregon Phoenix can start a fire! Some strange figure initiated fires and this arsonist must be caught by any means necessary! Download Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Collector's Edition Mac Game for free, catch the fire starter and prevent further fires in this incredible Hidden Object Adventure Puzzle!

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Godlike ambrosial Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Collector's Edition Mac game belongs to Hidden Object genre, it had been designed by professional designers. Haunted Hotel Episode 9: Phoenix CE is one more proof that Hidden Object casual games are getting more captivating and serious but still remain comfy and very good. Everyone will be able to get into this addictive dimension of Haunted Phoenix Collector's Edition zingy Hidden Object high day. This matchless Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix is long-awaited Mac game which meets all criteria for exciting Hidden Object genre.

This Collector’s Edition Final game includes extras, absent in the standard version:
  • Uncover more Stone Spires mysteries in the bonus game!
  • Multiple collectibles hidden throughout Stone Spires
  • Keep track of challenges and victories with achievements
  • Wallpapers, concept art, music, and more!
  • When all seems lost, consult the Strategy Guide
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