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  • OS: 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 713 MB
A man has gone missing in the town of Rockshire, but the townspeople deny he was ever there. What dark secret are they hiding? Whispered Secrets 4: Golden Silence Collector’s Edition – Mac Game Free Download.
Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was chosen for its high standard of quality and amazingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers.

A young woman's husband has gone missing in a mountain town, and you've been hired to track him down. Sounds like an easy case... but things are rarely as they seem. When you arrive in Rockshire, the townspeople are less than friendly, and they deny the missing man was ever in town. Why are they so afraid to talk to you? It might have something to do with the dark secret they discovered in the mountains years ago... Follow the missing man's trail through an expansive game world to break the silence in this intriguing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

More about Whispered Secrets 4: Golden Silence Collector's Edition Mac Game:

Miner’s name in Whispered Secrets 4: Golden Silence Collector's Edition Mac Game from Grandma Studios is Bill Turner and his searches are nothing like your adventure in Whispered Secrets: Into the Wind Collector's Edition. He was just a miner, like most of other Rockshire townsfolk, but why did he gone missing? His wife (and now his widow) is living in the big city; Bill left her for a time to get a job and some money at Rockshire. He was writing letters to her from there… until one day he stopped. And when you arrived there, familiar to the town and its inhabitants from Bill’s letters, you found out that they deny knowing him! Is this town-wide conspiracy, is citizens of Rockshire killed Bill all together in some pagan rite? Download Whispered Secrets 4: Golden Silence Collector's Edition Mac Game for free and get the answers – maybe Bill is still alive!

Not only implicit and exclusive narration but also plenty of unputdownable whereabouts, relaxing soundtracks and animated scenery are just parts of the undreamed-of Whispered Secrets 4: Golden Silence Collector's Edition Mac game universe, waiting for you. Whispered Secrets Four: Golden Silence CE is much more than a simple Adventure/Hidden Object game. Puzzle principle of Golden Silence Collector's Edition is hidden underneath terrific adventure. Start to download this noble Puzzle Mac game Whispered Secrets 4 Collector's Edition for free and you will be pleased by it. You can download for free and have fun with this red-blooded Mac game WS 4: Golden Silence.

See what our Beta testers had to say:

"I am so excited about this game. I love the series and this is a great addition. However, this game seems to be more fun than the others. I love the HOs, great fun! Finding boxes was a blast. I am so anxious for this game to come out so I can see how it plays out! Thank you!!" - Tanya, Beta Tester

"I enjoyed the game tremendously and loved the pace. I play games to relax not if they are stressfully hard. GOOD JOB on this one!!!!" - Paula, Beta Tester

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Standard Version of Whispered Secrets Episode IV for Mac doesn’t hold next exclusive features, presented only in this Collector’s Edition:
  • Save Gabrielle from a tyrant in the bonus game
  • Disenchant the spirit of the King's beloved
  • Collect crystals in every scene
  • Replayable Hidden Object Puzzles and mini-games
  • Bonus music, art, wallpaper, and screensavers
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