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Death grip of cold is coming to your kingdom from Nypha, so you will have to travel there and use your fire-wielder medallion to remove the icy curse from Princess of Nypha! Dark Realm 2: Princess of Ice Collector’s Edition - Free PC Game Download.
Use fire-wielder blood to undo the ice curse, caused by the legendary weapon got into the wrong hands in the neighboring kingdom of Nypha in full version of Dark Realm 2: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition Game for PC from Mad Head Games!

Dark Realm 2: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition PC Game Storyline:

In Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collector's Edition you defeated flame banshees and became the ruler of your kingdom. But piece didn’t last for long. Now new threat appeared onto horizon in Dark Realm 2: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition PC game and you don’t sure you’re up for the challenge of such devastating consequences!
Something bad happened in the neighboring kingdom in the North called Nypha, something really bad! One day whole kingdom suddenly was covered by ice and snow, starting from the royal tower, where princess of Nypha lived! Moreover, icy curse constantly spreading and started to threaten your kingdom! Luckily for you Myrina, your counselor, managed to uncover nature of upcoming threat in time, using her occularium and you set a protective spell using your fire-wielder talent and your medallion of fire. But with horrifying sense of helplessness you found out that curse is so powerful that your medallion will be able to hold it just for a limited time and then your kingdom will be frozen! You have no choice but to rush into the north kingdom of Nypha, trying to reach its Princess and find out what’s going on. You suspects worse – such power may belong only to the legendary ice sword, weapon of the ancient King Iret, used to defeat powerful evil. And now this sword is in the wrong hands… It’s at least equal to your medallion in magical power, so your kingdom is in real trouble and whole Dark Realm too! Only the Princess of Ice holds the answers, but can you break the ice in time? Legendary bear guides you, providing with new powers, but will this be enough to win?

Download Dark Realm 2: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition PC Game for free, defeat evildoers and undo the curse!

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Standard version of Dark Realm Part II: Princess of Ice Final game doesn’t have the bonus chapter and strategy guide, included into this release:
  • Learn more about the icy curse in the bonus chapter
  • Find crowns and morphing objects hidden throughout
  • Achievements, jigsaw puzzle, character gallery, and more
  • Includes a comprehensive Strategy Guide
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