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There's a new sheriff in Meadows Town - and it's you! Can you stop a vengeful Viking spirit before she strikes again? Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town Collector’s Edition - Free PC Game Download.
An exciting new series from ERS Game Studios, creators of PuppetShow, Grim Façade, and Spirits of Mystery!

The sheriff of Meadows Town has disappeared without a trace, and you've been hired as his replacement. But a recent storm has emptied the town of almost all inhabitants. The streets are boarded up and abandoned, and no one can explain the forces behind the weather... or the terrifying string of murders that has just begun. Only you and your deputy are left to piece together the mystery of mummified bodies and ghostly apparitions. Can an angry spirit really be the cause of the turmoil? Or is there something else afoot in this strangely empty town? Find out in this spooky Hidden Object Adventure game!

Who will wear clothes onto half-naked man, sleeping on the street, without awakening him? Only sheriff of the small town, and in Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town Collector's Edition PC Game it’s you! And even for a small town it’s an out of common activity for sheriff, but you are just hired for this job in Meadows Town, and town is half-deserted after the terrible storm it experienced recently.

You were heading to Meadows Town when the storm started in Ghosts of the Past Collector's Edition Full PC Game, so your car fully experienced powerful wind and dense rain, when you were able to see the road only ten feet before you. But when you arrived to Meadows Town and saw almost no one but your deputy and few other characters, wondering around abandoned streets, for a moment you were pretty scared…

And then murders began in final version of Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town Collector's Edition, and murderer by some scary way started to left mummified bodies of his victims, so your police expertise was sent to the dead end. Most of locals thinking it's a ghost, vengeful Viking spirit, haunting Meadows Town, but you won’t believe it until you see it! Download Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town PC game for free and get to the bottom of things in this scary case!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:
  • Explore the lands of the gods in the bonus chapter!
  • Locate and decode ancient Viking runes
  • Soundtrack, concept art, and wallpapers
  • A comprehensive Strategy Guide
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