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  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 1018 MB
Mayor of Coldstone had invited you to put stop to the Avenger, who kidnapped mayor’s wife and killed many other noble citizens! Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector’s Edition - Free PC Game Download.
Explore darkest corners of Coldstone town, searching for the Avenger, masked vigilante who’s starting fires, kidnapping and killing nobility all over the town in Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition Game for PC from ERS games!

Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition PC Game Description:

Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition continuing best traditions of dark and dangerous games, started in Grim Façade 5: The Artist and The Pretender Collector's Edition. Not long ago huge problems had started in town of Coldstone. Masked villain calling himself (or herself, if you will take a closer look to the featured image) The Avenger, started attempts to initiate mayhem in the town! Avenger started to kidnap or kill noble townsfolk of Coldstone, he’s setting fires all over the town, so Isaak Merel, the mayor of Coldstone was forced to initiate a curfew in effect. But even curfew wasn’t able to stop Avenger, so when this evildoer kidnapped Isaak’s wife Lisbeth Merel and left long list of noble names, where his previous victims were crossed off already such as Tom Stark, Avenger’s first prey, Isaak was terrified. Among names who still alive and free there’s Isaak’s name as well, so he called you for help!

Coldstone investigation:

You saw Avenger in the first minutes after your arrival in full version of Grim Facade Episode VI: Hidden Sins CE. Looks like he wanted to be seen by you. And when you had started your investigation, using help of humorous alley cat, at first you decided to find out connections between all potential victims, including Isaak and Lisbeth Merel. You hoped that found connection will help you to uncover identity of this vigilante. But the only connection between victims and potential victims was their dark past. Everyone in that list at some period of his or her life made his hands dirty. And looks like Avenger now punishing them for that hidden sins! So should you stop the Avenger or it’s better to let him finish his job and clean streets of Coldstone from such dirty nobles?

Download Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition PC Game for free, get all achievements and gather all collectibles, make your own choice in this intriguing Adventure Puzzle Hidden Object!

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In the standard version of Grim Façade Six you won’t find out truth about Avenger’s past – answers are here, in Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition:
  • Play the bonus game to learn about the Avenger's past!
  • Collect masks hidden throughout the game!
  • Earn special Achievements!
  • Access the helpful Strategy Guide.
  • Enjoy soundtracks, wallpapers, concept art, and more!
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