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  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1 or above
  • Hard Drive: 1030 MB
Jack will not come back from Wishville… if his wife, your heroine won’t save him! Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes - Free PC Game Download.
Download Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes Game for PC and follow traces of your runaway husband who believes he knows what will be best for you!

More data about final version of Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes PC Game:

Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes Full Game for PC continues series of adventures tangled with supernatural. In Living Legends 3 Wrath of the Beast Collector's Edition PC Game you were facing giant monster which was not what it seem to be. Now in Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes PC Game from 4Friends Games you are going to enter the town which is not it looks like. Town’s name is Wishville and according to legend anyone who comes here may fulfill his dream. It comes for a price of course, but people are ready to do anything for their dreams! Your husband Jack was one of such dreamers. He always wanted more. He believed that he doesn’t giving you enough. So one day he just run away. He was searching for Wishville. There Jack was hoping to become better person, able to satisfy you. Of course you followed your silly husband. Who needs better Jack? It’s more than enough to have current particular Jack! What a stupid thing he thought of: to go and become better! So when you came to Wishville you found out the truth about this place. Everyone here is trapped by the living vines. So even if you will make your wish to come true – you will never leave Wishville. Funny that no one who previously entered this cursed place noticed anything. There were obviously blinded by their wishes. And when they die here, killed by the vines, before they were able to pay the price for their wishes – bad thing happened. Their souls were trapped in Wishville forever. Unless you will free them. And when you will meet each new soul you will always think “Is it Jack? Or Jack will be after next door, in the next building?” Uneasy searches, and vines will try to kill you all the way. But you’re not your husband, you come here not to just wish! Beat the vines, beat the owner of the castle which sending vines to Wishville. Get revenge for Jack if he dead already in this unusual Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

Need more mysteries? Bonus chapter, included into Living Legends 4: Bound by Wishes Collector’s Edition, will provide you with few!
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