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  • RAM: 1536 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1238 MB
Travel to Alaska and with the help of Elf defeat Cold Stalkers, shadowy figures, terrorizing scientific Winterpoint Station! Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector’s Edition - Free PC Game Download.
Download Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector's Edition PC Game for free, continuing adventures of your protagonist detective from Mystery Trackers 8: Nightsville Horror Collector's Edition with the funny little Elf - dog and your sidekick in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure from Elephant Games!

Detailed description of Full Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector's Edition PC Game:

During the short briefing at the beginning of Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector's Edition Final Game for PC you saw the record of the distress call, made few hours ago from an arctic research lab – Winterpoint Station at Alaska. Agent Shade, send there to help to the local scientists, young and pretty woman, was terrified and begging for help, while strange shadowy figure was creeping to her from behind. Without hesitations you decided to take this task and new Mystery Trackers case had started! You and Elf hopped into the plane and it had started the voyage to the Great Northern Silence! Your colleagues had given some new equipment to you, including unique area scanner, multi-functional tool able to locate sources of heat, hidden figures or electrical devices. Plane was unable to land near the Winterpoint Station because of the terrible storm with hard wind, so you were forced to use parachute. And not only you – Elf also had to jump! At the station you were forced firstly to restore energy supply, broken by the wind (or by someone’s actions). When you have entered the station in ninth episode of Mystery Trackers series, you found out two things. First – there’s at least one of the people here still alive – that was Agent Shade, but she wasn’t able to meet you. Second – Winterpoint Station was exploring unique and intelligent creatures, living in the snow. Scientists gave them a name Cold Stalkers. And looks like these Cold Stalkers didn’t like to be an object of scientific research and came to the station to protest and sabotage it! You found the note “We must abandon the dig and come back for the equipment with reinforcements.” But no one ever returned. Can you save Agent Shade and return back to the warmer regions of our planet?

Play Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector's Edition survive at the most dangerous region of the world, gather all achievements and return home in one piece!

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In the Standard version of Mystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy you won’t find bonuses and extras, available in Mystery Trackers Episode IX: Winterpoint Tragedy CE for PC:
  • Earn special achievements and find morphing objects
  • Get the available Strategy Guide
  • Play new puzzles, mini-games, and unlock the secret room!
  • Rid the planet of Cold Stalkers in the bonus game!
  • Enjoy soundtracks, wallpaper, and concept art
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