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  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 614 MB
Find out, what or who caused heart attack of a renowned English horse breeder Calvin Reedley right after you interviewed him! Off the Record 5: The Final Interview - Free PC Game Download.
Download Off the Record 5: The Final Interview Game for PC from Eipix Entertainment and start the most important journalist investigation in your life – if you will fail to find the truth you will go to jail forever!

Review of final version of Off the Record 5: The Final Interview PC Game:

Off the Record 5: The Final Interview Full Game for PC continues career of the famous journalist, your protagonist from the first Off the Record episode to the previous one - Off the Record 4: Liberty Stone Collector’s Edition. But this time such brilliant career may end tragically – you awakened after the car accident without remembering events of past few days, and since those days something terrible had happened! The last thing you remember before the awakening next to your wreaked car is a plan to visit Calvin Reedley, renowned English horse breeder which became famous after his unexpected victory in Devonshire Derby in year 1952. Mr. Reedley invited you for the interview, and he seemed bold but a bit scared during your conversation. Maybe someone was blackmailing him? Anyway, you agreed to meet with him. And when you reached the police after the car accident, officer told you that you met with Calvin… and he was delivered to the hospital with the massive heart attack right after your interview! Calvin is lying in coma since then and you were declared wanted by the local police. After the interrogation they sincerely asked you not to leave Devonshire, so you have no other choice but to recreate your actions during past days!

Reveal the shocking truth in the bonus chapter, added to the Off the Record 5: The Final Interview Collector’s Edition.

With Off the Record 5: The Final Interview PC Game you will have to restore your memories step by step, trying to understand what went wrong and what happened with Mr. Reedley in this tense Puzzle Adventure Hidden Object!
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