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Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector’s Edition

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System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 1357 MB
Your daughter's lost in the Maze of Fears, but you'll face more than her disappearance if you dare to enter. Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector’s Edition - Free PC Game Download.
Save your daughter, caught by the Maze of Fears, where worst nightmares can come true in Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition Game for PC from Daily Magic!

Description of Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition PC Game:

Your heroine in Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition Full Game for PC has no connections with characters from Sable Maze 3: Forbidden Garden Collector’s Edition, including Ryan Wedgwood and Fay family. This time you will play for the troubled mother who’s about to lost her only child. When her daughter went missing, mother was desperately worried about her. But when with the help of Mr. Jenkins she found out that her daughter is in no other place but in the legendary Maze of Fears, where all your deepest fears will become real, she found out what real desperation is. Now your protagonist will have to gather all her courage to enter the cursed maze and to face her own fears to save daughter!

Twelve Fears:

When your heroine found a way in to the maze in Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition Final Game, she found out that the task of salvation will be even harder that she could imagine. Her daughter is likely controlled by the evil – she’s going deeper and deeper into the maze by her own feet. And when your protagonist in Sable Maze Episode IV is trying to follow her, bridges are falling in front of her, doors are closing and dead hands starting to hold them, monsters, zombies, deadly clowns and dragons appearing on the only way to her daughter. And of course trouble mother will have to face her worst fears – all Twelve Fears, situated in this gloomy maze. Is she afraid of diving? Then she must dive deeply in the 19th century diving suit. Is she feared of the high voltage? Electricity will be all around her in this Sable Maze: Twelve Fears CE. She didn’t like narrow bridges? Then be prepared to cross the abyss using bridge thinner than her foot! Dead remains will be around your heroine, and not all of them are actually lying still. Ghosts will follow her and giant Ferris wheel spinning with the speed of the race car will force you to scream with fear! Is your courage bold? Are your nerves like steel ropes? Than you will have the chance to reach the heart of the Maze of Fears and save your child!

Download Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition PC Game for free, use your bravery and your wits to survive, your daughter’s life is at stake in this scariest Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure ever!

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Moreover, if you will decide to play this Sable Maze 4: Twelve Fears Collector's Edition, you will get exclusive bonuses which you won’t find in the Sable Maze: Twelve Fears Standard Version, such as:
  • Conquer every fear at its source in the bonus game
  • See the developer's diary for details about Mr. Jenkins
  • Get screensavers, collections, and more
  • Check out the Strategy Guide
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