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Experience the Travels of Marco Polo - a historical Point & click Adventure for the whole family! The Travels of Marco Polo - Free PC Game Download.
Travel all over the world with the legendary explorer in The Travels of Marco Polo Game for PC!

Details about The Travels of Marco Polo PC Game:

The Travels of Marco Polo game is pretty historical. Of course some scientists and historicists tell us that he wasn’t the first European who made such routes. But he’s the first one we know about, and it makes Marco Polo special.

Origins of the book:

Story in The Travels of Marco Polo Final Game will tell us about his adventures after they already finished. Game is made in form of a meeting of Rustichello da Pisa and Marco Polo in Genoa, 1298. Rustichello and Marco were sharing the same cell. Rustichello da Pisa is the writer, author of good stories, so when Venetian captain Marco started to tell stories about his adventures, about 25 years of travels, Rustichello couldn’t resist and started to write them! Marko Polo will tell everything about his past travels in chronological order. Rustichello will write his stories and you – will experience them!

The Travels of Marco Polo Gameplay:

During all adventures of Marco Polo you will help him out, starting from his legendary prison break from the Genoa prison. You will open and pick up locks, looking for the necessary inventory and communicating with interesting characters. Marco Polo is going to climb over the highest peaks of the Himalayas. He will visit Armenia during travel from the Venice. Mysterious Jerusalem, controlled by the Muslims, will open its secrets for the Marco. Visit legendary market of Acre and buy something really special there. And the most important – finish Travel of Marco Polo which made his name, make him legendary! Through the China an Mongolia Marko Polo must reach the palace of great Kublai Khan, leader of Tatar-Mongols and the ancestor of the legendary Genghis Khan!

Download full version of The Travels of Marco Polo PC Game for free and experience incredible adventures in Europe and Asia, solving numerous puzzles and completing tons of quests!
  • Solve riddles and meet historical figures
  • Historical anecdotes about Marco Polo’s travels
  • Enjoy original music from Pierre Estève
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