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Morgana wasn't the only apprentice of Tethys – face Cassandra, the second one! Witches’ Legacy 7: Awakening Darkness - Free PC Game Download.
Download Witches’ Legacy 7: Awakening Darkness Game for PC and help Jack to undo the curse lying on him!

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First thing you need to know about Witches’ Legacy 7: Awakening Darkness Full Game for PC is a playing character. You will not take a role of Lynn, or her aunt or her husband. This time you will know completely new story but in the same universe. You are going to face Cassandra here. She was the second apprentice of Tethys, the first witch. Morgana defeated her and was thinking Cassandra is dead. But Cassandra escaped with her life. She hide herself inside the precious flower in her garden and started to wait for resurrection. She were needed to get at least drop of blood onto that flower to return to life. And that happened only now, in Jack’s family!

Jack’s mother Julia Sanders is a writer. She was writing about supernatural of all sort, although she doesn’t believe in it by herself. And once Julia purchased rare flower. Seller said it has magical abilities. And unfortunately for Sanders family it was “The Flower”. Place where Cassandra’s soul was hidden. When Jack’s sister Nikki was watering the flower, she pricked her finger! Drop of Nikki’s blood got onto the flower. And Cassandra finally was free! She took Nikki’s body as a vessel for her black soul. And then – she cursed Julia and your hero, Jack! Now both of you are aging quickly, so you have not much time left! To free Nikki, defeat Cassandra and undo the curse you will have to get help from the world of magic. Luckily Julia is an expert in magic. Visit university of witches and lot of incredible places to get help and fight Cassandra! Witches’ Legacy 7: Awakening Darkness PC Game by EleFun Games will left in your memory forever!

Unique puzzle collection, added exclusively to Witches’ Legacy 7: Awakening Darkness Collector’s Edition will reveal you stories about the past of main heroes of this game!
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