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System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 531 MB
Find your missing groom, Charles Gilbertworth, fighting werewolves and other monsters during travels in search of him all over Victorian England! The Mahjong Huntress - Free PC Game Download.
Have you ever fight werewolf using mahjong? In The Mahjong Huntress Final Game for PC you will have to do it or werewolves, ghosts and even demons will kill you!

Description of The Mahjong Huntress PC Game:

Events of The Mahjong Huntress Game are happening in the Victorian England. It’s time where world wasn’t so predictable and well explored and eerie creatures could be found behind every corner. So when our heroine found out that her groom, handsome young gentleman Charles Gilbertworth gone missing, she suspected the worst from the beginning. Scotland Yard couldn’t find anything useful about his disappearance, so our protagonist had no other choice but to start her own investigation! And during this investigation, during almost three hundred levels to complete in the full version of The Mahjong Huntress, she will gather clues at the ancient crypts and cemeteries, at the abandoned mansions and old castles. She will meet some suspects among people and even more unbelievable creatures, including ghosts and werewolves. Some of them are happy, others – no. And she will have to fight them on the Mahjong battlefield – matching tiles to deal damage! If she will play fast enough, victories going to be flawless, but if she won’t think fast, enemies will strike back! Can our heroine save Charles Gilbertworth?

The Mahjong Huntress Gameplay features:

There will be many magical tiles on board in The Mahjong Huntress PC Game, some will be dedicated to the werewolves, including fool moon and new moon, other – to unicorns, dragons and other magical creatures. There will be also tiles dedicated to enchantments and spells, various types of magic. Make combos by finding pairs fast one after another – combo will add multiplier to your score points! In the right bottom of the screen you will see special magnifier, helping people with poor vision to see smallest details on tiles clearly. Get such achievements as completing the game without using Power-Ups or completing level within 100 seconds and so on! During your level progress you will fill your mana scale, activating more and more powerful spells for your pleasure and your victory. First spell is lightning bolt, destroying one random pair of tiles, second spell is showing hidden tiles, third – completely shuffling tiles and so on.

Download The Mahjong Huntress PC Game for free, find out, what happened to the missing groom and can he still be saved or it’s too late for that?
  • Nearly 300 levels to complete
  • Search for clues to find your missing fiancé
  • Defeat creatures in terrifying Match 3 encounters
  • Intriguing story with a paranormal twist
  • Beat high scores and complete special objectives
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