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System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 69 MB
Help zoologist Erwin and his friends to pursue poachers all over Africa and save animals, trapped by them! Safari Venture - Free PC Game Download.
Download and play Safari Venture Game for PC to protect animals in Africa from the poachers trying to steal or even kill them!

Information about Safari Venture PC Final Game:

Many adventures are waiting for you in Safari Venture Full Game for PC. Erwin and his team from "SERENGETI – FOR A BETTER LIFE" initiative, created to protect wild nature, will help to heal animals and free them from the captivity of the poachers. For example let's see what will happen to them at Day 4 of the adventures – at Futile Search. “We spent 4 days traveling and looking for poachers! But to no avail. We have to intensify our search in the next couple of days, because things have been changing at an alarming speed over here. Within the past few years we lost more and more hippos, lions and elephants. In many countries ivory from hippos and elephants is sold at very high prices. In other countries a powder made from lion bones is used as a cure for various diseases. We have to stop these atrocities. We must act now and keep traveling!” Later writing – Day 7, To The Rescue. “Our search is yielding its first results! We found a young elephant today that had been lying in the sun with a wire trap around his leg. We freed him at once and took him to our camp on our transporter. Our keepers immediately took care of him and saved his life. Searching the site where we found him didn’t yield any results, so we decided to spend the next day traveling towards Lake Victoria. The lake is located west of the national park and the 3rd biggest lake in the world. It is famous for its huge number of hippos. Maybe we can find some traces there!” You will play Match-3 games, where you are dropping stones from above to make matches, with the ability to use right mouse button to change the current stone and mini-games to free the animals and catch the poachers, including legendary Abasi Gang, infamous for its crimes! Remove all stones underneath the animals to set them free! Visit Kilimanjaro, Sahara and many other famous places of African continent!

Download Safari Venture PC Game for free, help Erwin and his friends to save all wild life in Africa in this mix of Match-3 and Puzzle Genres! Be the number one in Champions list!
  • 105 challenging Match 3 levels
  • Exciting story spanning 8 chapters
  • Bonus mini games
  • Free the animals from captivity
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