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System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 92 MB
Help Victoria Wright to repeat last expedition of her grandfather to unknown land, from which he never returned! The Lost Tomb - Free PC Game Download.
Are you ready to travel into lands forgotten centuries ago and step into tombs abandoned by men in The Lost Tomb Final Game for PC?!

The Lost Tomb PC Game main features and storyline:

The Lost Tomb is a unique twist of Match-3 and Puzzle genres. Most of the time you are going to play Match-3 levels. There are more than one hundred of them in full version of The Lost Tomb. And during playing these levels you will be able to use up to three items with unique abilities. There are also up to three power-ups, dramatically changing gameplay! In between of playing Match-3 games you are also going to face multiple types of puzzles and mini-games! You will love the one when you have three pairs of scales with set of different weights and with them you have to set same weights on left and right to reach balance. There are many types of puzzles here, hope you will like all of them.

Now let’s talk about gameplay. Download The Lost Tomb PC Game for free and familiarize yourself with the story of Veronica Wright. She’s the granddaughter of Professor Theodore Wright, one of the most famous archaeologists of his time. His greatest work was dedicated to the ancient tombs. And in his last discovery Veronica’s grandfather claimed that he had found lost land, once ruled by the Emperor Markshnun, and his tomb, lost centuries ago! Unfortunately he never returned from the expedition. And now Veronica have decided to repeat his route, using information he left in his chronicles of the ancient tombs. Her journey will start from the library, where Veronica Wright will get Secrets of Tombs, The Study of Tombs by S.H. James and many other books, able to prepare her to the secrets of the ancient builders. She will find out that Emperor Markshnun was ruling unknown mysterious land for a long time. After his death during the epic war Emperor was buried in the secret tomb, guarded from unworthy raiders for centuries. But then whereabouts of his tomb were forgotten. And in her grandfather’s notes and journals Veronica had found old map that may guide her to the tomb! She’s going to find it now and found out, what happened with Professor Wright. He believed that tomb holds unnatural power, left by the Emperor. But why he didn’t return from there? Veronica will visit secret passage near Angel Statues and Altar of the Memories. Her way will start from the Headless Statue and will lead her underground, to the chamber with three doors where only one is right one. It will lead to the boat house. From there Veronica will go to Machine Room, where strange machines are standing still. Through the bridge to Lake Gate, which needed to be opened somehow, Veronica will reach shrine door, leading to the shrine and finally – to the Lost Tomb!
  • Three types of Match 3 games in one
  • Discover clues and solve challenging puzzles
  • Collect items and unlock puzzles and scenes
  • Over 100 levels set in a range of amazing locations
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