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  • DirectX: 8.1 or above
  • Hard Drive: 76 MB
God Angelo was exiled from Olympus by Zeus because of his love the mortal, princess Amara! Help him to marry her without power of gods! The Trials of Olympus - Free PC Game Download.
Is it easy to be former god? Find out in The Trials of Olympus Final Game for PC!

Brief information, dedicated to The Trials of Olympus PC Game:

Your protagonist in The Trials of Olympus PC Game is Angelo. He’s a god on Olympus, talented god of architecture, one of the Hephaestus’ and Hermes’ best friends. Unfortunately Angelo fell in love with human woman – Princess Amara. When Zeus found out about this unusual love, he demanded that Angelo must forget about Amara. When Angelo refused to do so, Zeus banished him from Olympus forever and exiled to Earth. Moreover, without godlike powers Angelo can’t even be a good husband for the Princess, so her father refusing to give permission for him to marry Princess Amara! But there’s one way to solve this problem – a trial. Angelo lost his powers, but not his knowledge – he still can build something extraordinary (with the help of workers, of course). So he promised to build majestic palace for Princess Amara in the wastelands where there are few human beings for now. It’s pretty dangerous trial – that distant region is still controlled by the deadly Titans and without godlike power Angelo is helpless against them. But you will help him to visit many dangerous corners of the Greek kingdom, gathering resources, hiring people to work on the construction site, outwitting and tricking Titans and monsters on his way. Palace of wonder must be created but it won’t happen without your help and guidance!

Download full version of The Trials of Olympus PC Game for free and during eighty Match-3 levels, included into it, help former god to fulfil his dream and marry Amara!
  • Epic story based on mythological figures
  • 79 challenging match-3 levels
  • Build an extraordinary Olympian palace never before seen
  • 5 unique, challenging worlds to conquer
  • Original music compositions with Roman and Celtic stylings
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