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  • DirectX: 9.0 or above
  • Hard Drive: 119 MB
Wonders of Greece are waiting to be revealed – gather all the artifacts from all the regions of Greece! Travel Riddles 3: Trip to Greece - Free PC Game Download.
Artifacts of the ancient Greece must be collected and only you can complete this extraordinary mission in Travel Riddles 3: Trip to Greece Final Game for PC!

Short information, dedicated to Travel Riddles 3: Trip to Greece PC Game:

Travel Riddles 3: Trip to Greece continues series of match-3 adventures all over the world right after Travel Riddles 2: Trip To Italy. This time you are going to visit country neighboring to Italy. As you can guess from the game name, it’s Greece. And you will see that it is called the cradle of Western civilization not without reason. When romans were only running through the forests with wolves, Greece already had its philosophers. During more than one thousand years it was the greatest country in the world. Later Greece had lost its influence… but never forgotten about it. When archaeologists came to Egypt, they saw how locals using ancient temples as places for cattle and to throw garbage. In Greece people were always caring about their great past. You will play more than two hundreds of Match-3 levels. Each of them will have unique background. You will see there Parthenon, oceanic liners, ancient temples and modern Greek cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki. During each level you will have to assemble some particular artifact, important to the Greek history. And you will also read the description of it when artifact will be completed. Download full version of Travel Riddles 3: Trip to Greece PC Game for free, familiarize yourself with the wonders of ancient and modern Greece!
  • Collect 90+ artifacts
  • Beautiful locations throughout Mediterranean
  • 200+ levels!
  • Enjoy 8 unique episodes!
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