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Get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists in Book Two of the Adelantado Trilogy! Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two – Mac Game Free Download.
The story of Adelantado continues in Book Two - get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists! The sequel starts where the previous part left off. Don Diego has found a new path and now he continues his mission. There are still survivors from the previous expedition to save, glory to achieve and gold for the Spanish Crown to find. His crew, however, is tired. While some people start to rebel and abandon Don Diego, some stay loyal, and together they advance through wild jungles and endless swamps. The atmosphere is moody and grim but Don Diego tries to keep everybody cheerful, though an ever-present rival, Commander Rodriguez, is more evil than ever!

Little more about Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two Mac Game:

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two Mac Game is a direct continuation of Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Mac Game. New missions will show how Don Diego and his crew are fighting against wildness and evil Commander Rodriguez, trying to save other Spanish explorers from the previous expedition. As you can see, Book Two has perfect ratings and reviews, so give it a chance – Adelantado Trilogy will never disappoint you!

Strategy genre Mac games, such as Adelantado Trilogy: Book 2 are the most terrific computer games have not a few of followers all over the Realm and collected loads of rewards. Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two game also features some challenging and flawless sublevels and bonus puzzles. Backgrounds of Adelantado Trilogy II locations is no longer painted pictures, but includes lot of moving elements! As the representative of the next-gen casual Strategy games, Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two holds canty rendering and will keep you impressed from start to finish.
  • New Quests
  • Improved Graphics
  • Discover New Lands
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