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System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.4
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive: 47 MB
After winning the lottery, Alicia has decided to take her Posh Boutique to the next level and upgrade her amazing store! Posh Boutique 2 – Mac Game Free Download.
Just as her vacation gets off the ground, Alicia suddenly discovers she's won the lottery! Now, with her winnings in hand, Alicia's ready to take her Posh Boutique to the next level. Use your Time Management talents to help Alicia expand her business beyond her dreams by assisting each customer in their search for the perfect outfit, adding just the right accessories, and choosing the best upgrades and enhancements for each location in Posh Boutique 2!
Posh Boutique 2 is mirthful and interesting Time Management Mac game with challenging mysteries, much more tests and tons of world-class trophies. The creators of Posh Boutique 2 Mac game delivered the look and feel of jolly Time Management Mac game by spanking graphics. All Time Management genre adorers will definitely like Posh Boutique 2, as well as raw recruits who just met the world of computer games such as this affecting Time Management Mac game.
We ensure that this eximious Posh Boutique 2 Mac game can be downloaded for free, completely verified and not includes any hidden blurb, computer viruses, spyware, so now you can savor all benefits of Time Management Mac games. Remember: our dainty Mac games like Posh Boutique 2 distributed under try-and-buy license. By starting downloading the game you will get free Posh Boutique 2 gameplay test. In the result you can play this peerless Time Management game absolutely free without any limitations until the end of Posh Boutique 2 trial period of one hour and if you liked playing, you can upgrade to delectable unlimited Posh Boutique 2 version by buying this whizzbang game for the low price - less then 7 dollars for usual edition of Posh Boutique 2 and less then 14 dollars for Collector's edition (if available)! On the other hand you can acquire flawless Posh Boutique 2 game straightway by clicking on 'Buy now' button on the left panel. Anyway, you can download this groovy Mac game Posh Boutique 2 at any time without registration!
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique upgrades
  • Dive into fast fashion fun!
  • Play Posh Boutique
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