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  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 281 MB
Can you carve American presidents in stone? Monument Builders: Rushmore - Free PC Game Download.
The time has come to build another iconic historical place for United States of America in Monument Builders: Rushmore Final Game for PC!

Detailed information about Monument Builders: Rushmore PC Game:

Just as in Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge we will take a role of person in charge of building process. In Monument Builders: Rushmore game it will be Henry Johnson, the site foreman. Your job won’t be simple – all the way you are going to search for additional financing, inviting VIPs (including current president of the USA) to the memorial. Thieves and burglars will try to sabotage building process by stealing equipment, goods and resources. You will have to get rid of them. And it will be hard to find workers, ready to work on such a vast scale! Gutzon Borglum, person in charge of this project, rejected the Needles in Black Hills region of South Dakota. He have decided that granite there is poor. He had chosen Mount Rushmore and offered to carve presidents instead of Lewis and Clark and Buffalo Bill. Construction on the memorial had begun in 1927 and was completed between 1934 and 1939. Project was supported even by the president Calvin Coolidge! Firstly was planned for each president to be depicted from head to waist. But luck of funding caused to reject that plan. And you are going to live through all this story! Download full version of Monument Builders: Rushmore PC Game for free, participate into building process along with 400 workers to create 60 foot carvings of American presidents in granite! This Time Management game won’t leave you untouched!
  • 4 building areas, each with its own challenges!
  • Manage workers and resources to finish projects in time
  • 30 unique levels including more complex challenges!
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